Congratulations to local Philadelphia Marathon finishers!

With local elite and all-around nice person Chelsea Benson focusing on the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend, I was checking the results and it looks like local runners (as determined by quick searches for local town names, so apologies if I missed you) did pretty well in both the marathon and the half marathon. Chelsea ran a 2:42:14, good for 6th overall for women and second in her age group. Do share some details, @ChelseaB, @adam.schoene, @amelia-kaufman, @columbia-warren, @bethany-schiller, and anyone else…

(Sorted alphabetically by first name, since that’s how the results site kicked out data.)

Half Marathon

Name Age Town Time
Austin Hickman M/28 Ithaca, NY 1:42:49
James Miner M/73 Dryden, NY 2:01:19
Jennifer Wilkie F/53 Ithaca, NY 2:14:29
John Vansickle M/24 Ithaca, NY 1:46:46
Olivia Graham F/31 Ithaca, NY 1:40:36
Thom Nelson M/34 Ithaca, NY 1:46:02
Yuan Lin M/24 Ithaca, NY 2:15:27


Name Age Town Time
Abram Kurtz M/34 Ithaca, NY 3:56:19
Adam Schoene M/40 Ithaca, NY 2:56:45
Amelia Kaufman F/28 Ithaca, NY 3:08:22
Bethany Schiller F/36 Trumansburg, NY 3:31:19
Chelsea Benson F/39 Ithaca, NY 2:42:14
Chloe Jelley F/23 Ithaca, NY 4:16:21
Columbia Warren M/44 Ithaca, NY 3:32:24
Courtney Martin F/34 Lansing, NY 2:58:20
Divya Shiroor F/32 Ithaca, NY 4:08:41
Garret Eldridge M/30 Ithaca, NY 2:49:49
Honora De Mott Grady F/29 Ithaca, NY 3:56:20
Jennifer Uehling F/28 Ithaca, NY 3:37:45
Kate Scuderi F/19 Ithaca, NY 3:27:33
Ken Panis M/27 Ithaca, NY 3:57:22
Marcella Purcell F/46 Lansing, NY 5:01:04
Mary Benman F/29 Ithaca, NY 4:55:27
Paul Freemantle M/46 Lansing, NY 3:41:51
Ryan Budhu M/23 Ithaca, NY 3:43:25
Samantha Mauser F/21 Ithaca, NY 3:16:52
William Benman M/25 Ithaca, NY 4:55:27

And Chelsea’s time is well under the Olympic Trials qualifying standard of 2:45:00. Congrats!

You missed me in both the Marathon & the 8K. the 8K was 1.5 hours after I finished the half. Not enough time to really get stiff. I push hard in both of the Saturday races because I knew it was was my best chance for age group awards. And I was correct. Getting second place in the AG in both the half & the 8K. But I paid for it in the marathon. It was one of the slowest road marathon that I have ever done. I was walking in the second mile.

Times: 8K - 48:02, half - 2:01.19, full - 5:36:19

Congratulations to everyone that was there. The changes in the marathon course made it a little harder and slower.

They called in some great weather for the race! It was my first marathon back since the scarring experience of Boston 2018, so I was just happy to get back into it. I ran into Jim in the long bag check line and then made it to the start corral just slightly delayed. The first 7 miles are in the central city area and have the best crowd support, especially in the 5.5 to 7 range. A highlight was getting a high five from Meb at mile 6. Then onto the somewhat hilly twists and turns through about mile 16 (crossing the river twice). Following that is the long slog up and back down the river. Pretty good crowds along pockets there, especially at the turnaround in Manayunk. Meb was at the finish line as well and I got my medal from him. Overall a good experience.

Glad to hear you finished the marathon, Jim! I actually did check on you in that race, but I must have been too early since you didn’t have a finishing time yet. I was wondering if maybe you’d been forced to drop out due to a meteor strike, rogue tsunami, or one of the few other things that stops you from racing.

@columbia3685, very cool that you got a high five and your medal from Meb!