Cornell Botanic Gardens run 4/30 at 12:15

I’m planning an easy run-through of the Cornell Botanic Gardens course on Friday at 12:15 PM if anyone wants to join in for an effort (or two, if my calf feels good). Easy pace in the 7:30-8:00 range, or whatever’s appropriate to keep you company. @steve-desmond @caitlin-loehr @bobtalda @kag22 @jtk1 @casey?

Meet at the course start by the diaper…

:sweat_smile: lol I thought “diaper” was a typo, maybe that’s a nickname for the statue?

Fridays are one of my days with the kids, so I’m booked until the evening – hope the weather will be nicer than it is today!

Hah, yes, I forget that not everyone may know it by that name. Technically it’s called the Hyperbolic Paraboloid. I’ve always heard it called the Diaper, and High Noon has a grass loop that we run there for cross-country workouts called the Diaper Loop.

“Flying” Diaper is how it was described to me, and that is how I think of it! On my schedule but I can sustain your “easy” pace for about 100m … going downhill and downwind…

Happily, the diaper has been airing out for 55 years, so downwind shouldn’t be necessary.