Cornell changes, parking, and townies

Is there any guidance about parking at Cornell with classes suspended and all?

Are we supposed to avoid campus entirely? And if not, can I safely park there as if it’s after 5:00 or the weekend without getting a ticket? We ought to be able to get some perks out of this pandemic, right?

I haven’t seen any information surrounding parking on campus amid Cornell’s other messaging about COVID-19. I would presume that the usual regulations are in play for now. @Mike_S, any contacts that might know more?

Some faculty, staff, and grad students on campus are being encouraged to work remotely if possible. For now, I would abide by usual parking regulations. Really it’s like the summer or beginning of January when undergrads aren’t here - more parking is available but it’s not free. The university is open for now.

Maybe once the dust settles they will allow free parking so that people who are still going to work will be able to avoid public transit. For now, it is understandably not their top priority to make parking free.

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I think this message came across as glib or insensitive, which was not my intent. My apologies.

Cornell has announced much looser parking regulations from March 17-April 10.

In order to relieve some of the burden and stress on Cornell community members who must be on campus during this public health emergency, Cornell Transportation will not enforce regular parking permit restrictions, with the exception of a few areas, March 17 through Friday, April 10, 2020.

People may park in most permit-restricted or Parkmobile spaces during this period, with no permit or payment required. Cornell Transportation will continue to enforce fire lanes, loading zones, no parking areas, accessible spaces, and reserved spaces, including the client spaces at the Veterinary College.

Cornell Transportation will continue to monitor the availability of parking, and will make a final determination as to the resumption of regular enforcement by April 10.

(As an aside, this suggests that Cornell plans to keep staff working at home as possible through at least April 10)

This probably also means that there would be little problem with parking near the track, say, but the decent thing to do would be to not park in really valuable spaces near central campus, so as to leave those for staff who still need to come in.