Cornell Chronicle pre-Olympic Trials coverage of Chelsea and Bailey

Nice article and video of them running with Greta Sieve, Ellie Pell (also going to the Trials), Luca Moreschini, Bella Burda, and Ved Gund.


It seems article incited a lot of people to join the Ithaca Runners Facebook group!

And that shows the pent-up demand that people have for participating in the larger running community, which is the entire goal of this forum. Now we just have to train people that they can post their own group runs in the Group Runs & Workouts forum. :running_woman: :running_man:

Here’s the article done on Julie, beloved alumni to the Cornell and Ithaca running community:

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Thanks for the link, Jullien. It’s sad to see that Julie has decided to scratch from the race, but it sounds like it’s the smart, mature thing to do. (I’ve been on both sides of the “should I race while injured?” question, and running hurt has never worked out well.) And at least then she’s not in limbo and can focus on cheering for all her friends in the race.

The New York Times has an article about the women running the Olympic Trials Marathon later today, and while our heroes aren’t explicitly mentioned, photos of at least Chelsea and Julie are in the collage, and Julie’s shows her wearing an FLRC jersey running in Barton Hall (perhaps from when she rabbited Sascha Scott in the Hartshorne Masters Mile).