Danby and 5&10 Posters

I know this forum group hasn’t been active in awhile, but here’s what I’ve been up to. Posters for 5&10 and Danby are up at the Cayuga Sports Medicine and Island Fitness. (I work in the building so it’s easy for me.) I’ll check if Rasa Spa will allow them too. Tonya already left a few at Finger Lakes Running Co. Any others out there yet?

I put some up at the Ithaca College Wellness Center last week, and I’m hoping we can remember to swing by the P&C Fresh bulletin board soon. If anyone else on the @print-post-team has spots to post for the 5&10 and Danby, here are the posters in PDF form:

5&10: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A_Zgf8soOkQRnrEXgPMc_IgbG1jLtGsq/view?usp=sharing

Danby: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ab6km6U58MFp6tc4wCD36saTq91N1gWb/view?usp=sharing

Could we put a Danby one at the map kiosk by the Hammond Hill parking lot? It’s an easy way to reach trail users.

Sure, I’ll try to remember that for next Weds…

@Petorius I put a Danby poster up at Hammond Hill today.

There may already be a poster up at Teagle Hall at Cornell, and I will make sure of that later this week.

I can put some up at Cornell! Maybe at Cornell Health?

Do you need any volunteers?

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Kayla, do you have access to a color printer? If yes, I can send you PDFs to print. If no, maybe we can meet on campus so I can share a few printout with you. For Cornell Health and general Cornell areas, what would be great is to get some Ithaca 5&10 flyers up, too. That race is on September 11.

Do you know what kinds of running things you like to volunteer to do?

The only access to a printer I have is at work and I don’t believe it prints color although I’ve never tried. I’m only there Tuesday and Thursdays. That would work! Sure, I can do that!

Anything! I’ve done registration, been a run pointer, finish line, etc. Also, my Mom was a director for the Fillmore 5K years ago and helped as well as a run coach, so have done some race directing things.

Thanks @KSlater! I’m the RD for Danby Down & Dirty and I’m working on a spreadsheet for volunteer duties. I’ll share it with you when it’s ready and you can will in your name if/when you’re available.

Great, thanks Pete!!

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Hi Tanya,
Do you still want me to hang up posters for the 5 & 10 next weekend? If so, let me know when/where to meet on campus. My cell phone number is 315-730-9980.


Hi Kayla, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I will be on campus tomorrow, so if you are able to stop by the ILR Quad in the afternoon sometime before 5:30, I could pop down and give you a few printed flyers. 607-275-8383 is my text/phone. Did you ever get in touch with the race director, Gary, to get signed up for volunteering at the race? With all your experience, I think it’d be great to have you helping out on race day!

Yes, we can do that! Yes, I signed my name up on the volunteer sheet!

Circling back, here’s the volunteer signup list for Danby if you’re still interested. FLRC Volunteer Tool - Google Sheets

Thanks Pete!