Danby D&D was no joke!

I completed the Danby Down & Dirty leg of the FLRC challenge yesterday and I’d like to pass on some (unsolicited) advice. For some reason it never occurred to me that I’d need to bring my trail running shoes for this one, and out of fear of faceplanting, I had to really take my time getting through the technical parts of DD&D. Please be advised that trail running shoes might be in order for this one :slight_smile:

Congrats on finishing it—the Danby Down & Dirty course is indeed one of the more technical trails in the FLRC Challenge. I’d rank it as more technical than Tortoise and Thom B, and on par with Forest Frolic.

Yeah, with how out of shape and out of practice I am with trails, simply finishing is the goal at this point! Some day I’ll be back in fightin’ shape.

The in-person Down & Dirty race is on October 2. I hope to see you on the starting line (with your trail shoes, of course!)

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So … I’d never been here before today, and it’s one honest trail route. Rewarding view at the top, and yeah, pretty muddy in the ravine and a little technical on the downhills. All in all, a challenge indeed. I even felt like Indiana Jones as I urged these little critters off the bridge just 20 feet from the parking lot, too. The consensus on Twitter is that they’re Northern Watersnakes.

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Hmm, maybe that’s why Danby Down & Dirty has always been in the fall, when the local reptile life is likely to be laying low.

Next year I’m moving it to August and renaming it the Down & Dirty Reptile Romp. I’ll import gators to add to the fun!

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