Distance Markers on the Dryden Rail Trail

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the Dryden Rail Trail Task Force and its chair Bob Beck over the past seven years, the Dryden Rail Trail will soon run nearly 16 miles from Game Farm Road at the Ithaca–Dryden town line to East Lake Road southeast of the Village of Dryden. The western 1.5 miles (from Game Farm Road to the FH Fox Bridge) and the eastern 6.75 miles (from East Lake Road to Freeville (including the Jim Schug Trail) are now adorned with quarter-mile markers, accurately wheel-measured for your running pleasure. (Thanks, FLRC, for lending me a wheel for this purpose.) The remainder of the trail will be measured and posted in both east- and west-going directions once the rail trail bridge over Rt 13 is completed next year and the few remaining sections of trail are cleared and built. Huge thanks go to the Dryden Town Board, Dryden Highway Department, and the Rail Trail Task Force for supporting and building this public multiuse resource for nonmotorized transportation and recreation.


Fabulous news, @nkleinrock, and thank you for coordinating that effort and wheeling the distances. It’s nice to know that the markers are accurate for speedwork, something that isn’t always the case on other trails.

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Spied the new markers during an after-sunset stroll tonight. Looks great!

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Are they nicely visible in the dark?