Do your long run next weekend with the Monster!

You’ve been running all summer and now it’s time to test your mettle with a challenging—but fun—trail race in the lovely woods within and nearby to Robert H. Treman State Park in the Monster Half (or Full) Marathon on Saturday, August 27. What’s the monster? You’ll have to come to the race to find out. (Hint—it’s furry!) Refreshments, aid stations, and a well-marked course are all in the works for this affordable race that has an age-graded start time, so older runners start sooner, leading to unexpected and amusing crossings on the trails. The race is also part of the FLRC Trail Circuit, and results will be included in the 2022 Pebblehead/Stonehead/Boulderhead rankings.

Register today! Registration is open until 6 PM on Friday, August 26th.

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