Don’t miss out! Finger Lakes 50s registration opens January 1st at midnight

A July 2nd race date may seem like a long time from now, but if you want to test your mettle against one of the iconic ultras in New York State, you’ll need to register for the Finger Lakes 50s when it opens on January 1st.

This race always sells out quickly, so be sure to register once the clock has ticked past midnight on New Year’s Eve and you’ve quaffed your final glass of champagne. That way you can get up on New Year’s Day and start logging the miles you’ll need to run 25K, 50K, or 50 miles in the scenic Hector National Forest in July.

Don’t let the cows out!

Vinny & Nichole Cappadora, race directors

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Oooh, with you guys race directing, this promises to be another amazing event. Can you please make sure the weather is perfect? :rofl:


@lizhartman What are you talking about? The weather is always spot on 100% perfect for this race. Sunny, 60°, dry trails, low humidity… every single year!

Thank you for organizing this! Reposting an email I sent to Pete Dady regarding volunteering/rolling over my 2021 signup. Let me know if I am able to!

Hi Pete,

I was a volunteer at the 2021 FL50s after suffering a foot injury that ended my summer ultra season. At the time, I asked if I could roll over my entry for 2021 for the 2022 race if I volunteer in lieu of participating. Is that still the case? If so, could you sign me up before the notorious sell-out on Jan 1?

All the best,


Sarah Dellett

Hey @Sarah_Dellett … I’ll speak to Pete and figure out what he set up with you but we’ll honor whatever he said.

A quick update as of this afternoon:

  • 25K: SOLD OUT (waitlist open)
  • 50K: 9 spots left (waitlist will open after filled)
  • 50 Mile: still has quite a few spots, but will sell out for sure soon.
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 50k is waitlisted…


@vinny-cappadora Thank you so much! I tracked down the thread when we discussed it. Congrats on a sell-out! We need your help—can you volunteer at an FLRC race (like FL50s on July 3rd)? - #4 by adamengst