East Rec Mile tomorrow ~8:30am

Hi All, Zack Hilt and I are running the East Rec Downhill mile as part of a workout tomorrow at 8:30am. We’ll finish our warm up around 8:20 near the parking area on Game Farm and then run the mile, jog over to the Cornell track and run some 200s, 2mi tempo, and 300s. If you’re interested in having a crack at the mile with us, we’d love some company. No idea what kind of speed we’ll produce (sub 5:20?). If you’re feeling fresh and want to go to the track, that’s great too.

Nice to see you in the Challenge, @ChelseaB! @jullfly will have some more competition now.

@lizhartman and @amanda, this might be a fun group to tag onto to see what you can run when pulled along.

@ChelseaB 5:07, nice! I don’t see Zack in the Challenge—what did he end up running?