Editing results in Webscorer if something goes wrong

We’re all still getting used to Webscorer’s self-timing feature, and I wanted to point everyone to another feature in the app that you can use if something has gone wrong, especially if it’s while you’re attempting multiple East Hill Rec Way efforts and can’t stop in the middle to fuss with your phone.

Webscorer records every result you post on your phone, and those remain editable. So, if you need to, you can go back to a previously submitted result and fix it. (Obviously, we’re working on the honor system here—anyone starts submitting Bernard Lagat-style times and we’ll be asking for proof. Besides, cheating is one of the leading causes of tooth decay.)

All you have to do is look in Race Archive > My Results for the desired race, tap it, and then run through the steps to edit. Screenshot summary below:

Any questions, just ask!