Editing results in Webscorer if something goes wrong

We’re all still getting used to Webscorer’s self-timing feature, and I wanted to point everyone to another feature in the app that you can use if something has gone wrong, especially if it’s while you’re attempting multiple East Hill Rec Way efforts and can’t stop in the middle to fuss with your phone.

Webscorer records every result you post on your phone, and those remain editable. So, if you need to, you can go back to a previously submitted result and fix it. (Obviously, we’re working on the honor system here—anyone starts submitting Bernard Lagat-style times and we’ll be asking for proof. Besides, cheating is one of the leading causes of tooth decay.)

All you have to do is look in Race Archive > My Results for the desired race, tap it, and then run through the steps to edit. Screenshot summary below:

Any questions, just ask!

Is it possible to delete a time in Webscorer if one starts a race in Webscorer and then “DNFs”?

This morning I went to Buttermilk for a T&H run and forgot my watch, so I started the Webscorer timer manually without the QR code. (Because I parked by the ball field and didn’t have anything to carry my phone with.) A few minutes into the run I bumped into Ian and Scotie and ran a different route with them, ditching the Tortoise course altogether. When I got back to my car I stopped the timer but couldn’t figure out how to avoid uploading my time. To make a short story long, my Tortoise time from today (June 20) needs to be deleted from the challenge results.

I don’t know if this would delete from the challenge results, but you can go into your race archive in the Webscorer app > my results > delete at the bottom > tap the minus sign next to the selected result you want to delete. See if that works.

Good guess, @heathercobb3, but no, deleting a result from your race archive does not delete it from Webscorer—that affects only the local contents of the app.

In this case, @Petorius, I don’t see the result at all, so no worries. However, there are a few cases where a DNS or a DNF can end up in Webscorer. The Challenge leaderboard ignores them, but if you want me to clean them up, just let me know. Takes 30 seconds to delete them.

Hmmm… my Tortoise run from June 20th still shows up here: Pete Kresock — Tortoise & Hare — FLRC Challenge

My bad—just spaced on deleting it with all the other cats I’ve been juggling. It’s gone now.

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I had a weird issue with clocking my times on 5 loops of the Danby course today. Do to an iPhone error, run involved scanning the S/F QR code for 4 of the 5 loops; editing one of the times because it was clocked for 2 consecutive loops, not just 1; adding a manual entry for the 1 loop I missed. When I went home and got an internet connection, it would only let me upload 4 of the 5, but the omitted one kept changing every time I’d do the “Post My Results” option from Webscorer. I entered the missing one manually (with the 8:16 pm time stamp) and left the rest alone. Not sure what happened there. My times are all correct, but the time stamps are off and the loops are out of order, not that it matters.

Also, do to fatigue from along day, I accidentally did a manual entry for Thom B that needs to be deleted. The 1 second finish is obviously a red flag. And please excuse any typos here—I’m too worn out to type properly!

I suspect the combination of multiple runs on the same course and an iPhone upload error confused Webscorer. If you wanted, we could try to track it down with Vesa there. But the easiest thing is probably just to roll with it since you were able to get the right results in eventually.

Nice run!