End-of-season all-team party 11/14, PGXC #5 is this weekend

@pgxc-men @pgxc-women Our end-of-season party will take place on Sunday, November 14 at 11:45am, with a group run starting at noon and food and festivities at 1pm. We have a lead on what we think will be an even better location than Dryden Lake and we will keep you posted on that.

Meanwhile, the final race of the season is this coming weekend! Adam and I will be sending out roster information later this week, but if you know your plans, please do check our roster spreadsheets (FLRC) (High Noon) to be sure that your row is correct.

The final race of the season, which is the championship race for the 5-race series, traditionally is followed by a “banquet” and end-of-season awards ceremony in a nearby, indoor venue. This year being what it is, the awards ceremony will (probably) take place at the finish line of the race and there will be no special banquet. We’ll share more details when we know them.

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