Feedback about Helper Helper

Hey @track-volunteers, one more thing. What did you think of Helper Helper? I realize I’m normally pretty communicative about volunteering and track is fairly compact, so it might not have been as big a win as it might have for another event. But when I think about all the volunteers we’re going to need for Skunk, that’s where I think Helper Helper should really help.

Was there anything that you found confusing or problematic? Did it seem like it was helpful in reminding you and providing a communication channel? (Again, for track we use the forum, but that’s not possible for something like Skunk.)

Thanks! We’re finishing our three-week free trial after next week, so then we’ll have to decide if it’s worth subscribing so we can use it for other races. And I’d probably keep using it for track just to follow who’s doing what. That was quite helpful for me.

I thought that it was great. I especially liked the way the time to do what appeared in my Google calendar. Sincerely, Carl

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Adam: So far so good here…find the interface clear and easy to follow and use…also like the acknowledgment feature. Looking forward to using more in future

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I was busy, so I signed up but never used Helper Helper. E-mail works for me – but I may be the exception.


Thanks, Tom. It’s actually good feedback to know that Helper Helper’s email worked. It should always be possible for a race director to add someone manually like I did with you and be sure they’ll get notified even if they do nothing with the app or website.