Finger Lakes 50’s 2017 shirt

I was today years old when I found out my 2017 Finger Lakes 50’s shirt glows in the dark!!! Why did no one tell me this?


Yup, I directed the FL50s race that year. Nancy was trying to let people know about the glow in the dark feature on the shirts as they were being handed out at packet pick up. That same year, the hoodie sweatshirts, which were the finisher awards for the 50-mile and 50K, also had glow in the dark logos. The glow in the dark was Nancy’s idea! Fun, huh!?! The hoodie sweatshirt is one of my favorites – it is really comfy.

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Yes, very cool! Can’t believe I hadn’t figured it out until now.

I’m curious… how did you figure out the shirt glows in the dark??

It’s pretty obvious if you ever wear it at night (perhaps more common with the sweatshirt than the T-shirt)—the lettering is really good about capturing and emitting light. It’s big fun, and not something I’ve seen any other races do.

I did a night 5k in a corn maze and the shirt text glows in the dark. It’s pretty neat.

My kids love to point out whenever I wear the “Cows not get out!” sweatshirt.