First Time Marathoner Training -Race the Lake Cooperstown NY Jun1st

Hello Everyone
Long story short,
I plan on running the Race the Lake Marathon June 1st
I anticipate a finish time of 5.5-7hrs(prolly right around 6hrs) :woman_shrugging:
I am looking for anyone wanting to join me either on race day or during training
I am trying to prepare myself for being the last runner out there :sweat_smile: but would be nice to have some company.
Shoot me a private message if you’re interested.
Or comment if you have any sage advice for a first timer
:grimacing: I am also trying to figure out how to carry all the fuel/water I will need for a 6hr run, so advice greatly appreciated.
(I anticipate water stations being shut down before I finish)
I do have a coach to help me through the training process and have run several HM’s, and look forward to incorporating the FLRC Challenge into my training as well :blush: :wink:
:bird: :bird: :rock: :crazy_face:


Hydration packs are where it is at for carrying all your fuel and hydration needs. I have come to like Altraspire vests but there are lots of options out there.

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