FLRC Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, September 14th at 6:30 PM

The FLRC Board of Directors will be having its monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 14th, at 6:30 PM via Zoom. All our meetings are open to the public, so if you’d like to attend, send an email message to board-meeting@fingerlakesrunners.org to receive the Zoom connection details via auto-reply (this is necessary to keep Zoom trolls out of the meeting). If you’ve previously requested the Zoom link, you can use the same one you received before.

If you’d like to bring a matter before the Board, let me know too, and we can discuss adding it to the meeting agenda.

Our board meetings generally revolve around updates on club and committee activities, including a report on the club’s financial activity and position from the Finance Committee and coverage of recent past and near future races from the Race Committee.

This month’s meeting will include discussions of expectations for new board members, adjusting our COVID-19 guidelines to current recommendations, standardizing the registration closing time for most races, reducing the number of people getting lost in trail races, and increasing volunteers and improving the volunteer experience.

I open each board meeting with a quick acknowledgment of those who have gone above and beyond in volunteering for the club in the past month. To give credit where credit is due in public, I’d like to thank our July, August, and September race directors along with a few other club members.

Mike Stone and Pete Dady did a bang-up job in putting on the Forest Frolic in July, with Alan Lockett taking over the helm of Forge the Gorgeous in August. Your humble president oversaw track meets at Lansing High School in July and August, along with an August post-meet ice cream social for volunteers and the Annual Picnic/FLRC Challenge award ceremony. Dave Kania shouldered the burden of organizing the Monster Marathon and Half Marathon in late August, and Gary McCheyne brought the Ithaca 5&10 back from a two-year hiatus in September.

Special thanks to Gary McCheyne for helping me organize the Annual Picnic, to Carl Franck and Zsophia Franck for putting on the pre-season cross-country team spaghetti dinner (and to Carl for repairing track timing gear cables!), and to Tonya Engst for helping Carl and Zsophia with the dinner and coordinating the FLRC PGXC teams.

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