FLRC Challenge featured in the Ithaca Times!

I was jazzed to see reporter Christopher Walker’s article about the FLRC Challenge published in the Ithaca Times today. Christopher, who’s a Cornell student and Daily Sun reporter interning at the Ithaca Times, became curious about the Challenge after seeing the lawn sign outside Jamie Loehr’s office on Seneca Street. Score one for Jamie and our signs!

Christopher did a fabulous job of capturing what’s special about the Challenge and got great quotes from Liz Hartman, Pete Kresock, and Banyan Love. He also chose lovely photos from the forum and our photo library, including one of Melissa and Matthew Plank and Courtney Pure, Sarah Giesy’s nice shot of Ludlowville Falls, and one of our damp group run on the Lakefront Loops 5K course. The website version even has links, but I encourage everyone to snag a physical copy to see all the photos in a spread layout. (On the website, the photos are in a slideshow at the top.)

I’m guessing the physical issue’s cover was done by a different department, given that it uses a photo from Skunk Cabbage, gets the name of the club slightly wrong, and has a typo. :man_shrugging:

With only 10 days left in the Challenge, it’s a little late to generate more signups, but perhaps people will remember it next year when we start getting the word out about the 2024 Challenge.


Great work Adam et. al. in making the challenge . . . well, very challenging and all encompassing!! Tom H

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Great article! They captured the spirit of the challenge for sure.

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