FLRC Challenge lawn signs: Put them out or sign up to get one

Hard to believe, I know, but lots of runners in Ithaca have no idea that FLRC exists or that they’re missing out on the FLRC Challenge. To raise awareness over the past two years, FLRC members have hosted 18-by-24-inch lawn signs, which are fun to see while out and about and have garnered a lot of positive comments. So:

  • If you stored a sign from last year over the winter, could you please put it back out on your lawn?

  • If you’d like to host a sign this year, we have 7 signs left over from last year, and if enough more people want one, we can place another order. Sign up here!

It’s a great way to show you’re a runner and encourage those who run or drive by your house to check out FLRC and the FLRC Challenge. It’s totally free, and we’ll even install the sign for you.

(Speedy high schooler not included.)

Hi Adam,
I’d be happy to put a sign at Scoops of Lansing if you think it’s an appropriate location. Thanks!

Laura Morse

That would be great, Laura—thanks! Can you sign up on the form too, since that’s where I collect addresses when planning a trip around the area with MapQuest’s RoutePlanner.

Hi. I would love to have one for my lawn. Thanks Adam.

Hi Adam, thanks for the reminder. I just put up one sign on our front lawn and I’ll take the other signed the office tomorrow.

That would be great, Melissa! Can you please sign up on the form so I have your address? Thanks!

Looking forward to seeing you in the Challenge again this year… :slight_smile: