FLRC Challenge medals have arrived

For the 87 @2021-Challengers who completed all ten courses, your medals have arrived! I’ll have them available for pickup at the next two Winter Chill 5Ks on Sunday, January 23rd, and Sunday, January 30th at Cass Park—just come around 10:30 AM (and why not register for the Winter Chill 5K too—it’s free for FLRC members!). You can also get the Challenge quarter-zip shirts and buffs that you ordered then. After the Winter Chills are over, we’ll have an FLRC box at @Ian’s running store with name-labeled bags for pickup.



Hey @Challengers! The final Winter Chill 5K is coming up this Sunday, and I’m going to piggyback on @Sarah.Drumheller’s Winter Chill award ceremony afterward to hand out more FLRC Challenge awards, including medals for those who completed the Challenge (and our FLRC Kids Challenge winners!) and signs for our FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge completions. You can also pick up shirts and buffs you ordered.

I’ve also added a new prize category. If you notched the most runs on a course, you get your course’s actual sign to commemorate your accomplishment!

You’re welcome to run the Winter Chill 5K beforehand—it’s free, but you have to be a club member—or you can just come by afterward around 11:45 AM behind the rink at Cass Park for the award ceremony.

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@Challengers, the people who will be getting their course signs for having lived on those courses all year (number of runs in parentheses) are as follows. If you’re on the list, I hope you can come to pick up your sign on Sunday!

  • East Hill Rec Way: Bill Watson (68) and Amanda King (55)
  • Cornell Botanic Gardens: Karen Ingall (103)
  • Waterfront Trail: Bob Swizdor (109)
  • Tortoise & Hare: Mickie Sanders-Jauquet (23)
  • Danby Down & Dirty: Kristina Harrison-Savage (18)
  • South Hill Rec Way: Mickie Sanders-Jauquet (30)
  • Thom B. Trail Run: Karen Ingall (40)
  • Forest Frolic: Pete Kresock (13)
  • Black Diamond Trail: Bob Walters (48) and Amy Dawson (27)
  • Pseudo Skunk Cabbage: Pete Kresock (13)

(East Hill Rec Way and Black Diamond Trail both had two signs, so I’m awarding them to the two people with the most runs.)

Could you leave my signs at Ian’s store when you drop off the medals? I was planning to run over to this week’s Chill, run the race, and run home. I’d rather not have to carry the signs home!

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