FLRC Challenge registration is now open—courses opening soon!

Registration for the FLRC Challenge is now open—read all the details, check out the medals and swag, learn how self-timing works, see the full course list, ponder the prizes, and pore over the rules. We’ve also created a special FLRC Challenge forum for asking questions, chatting about courses, dissecting the standings, and friendly needling of other teams (will age and guile overcome youth and exuberance?). We hope to open the first few courses this weekend, once our final signs arrive and the courses are clear from the latest snow—more details soon!

The FLRC Challenge is a series of ten open-course races—meaning you can run them anytime you want, as many times as you want, throughout the rest of 2021. Half of the courses are road, half are trail, and they range in distance from 1 mile to the half marathon. Run, walk, or hike them all to win the coveted FLRC Challenge medal! All profits from the FLRC Challenge will support local running programs like Girls on the Run and the GIAC Navigators.

To increase the challenge, we have individual and team competitions for the speedy, the consistent, and the deliberate. Individuals will compete for over 200 prizes based on fastest times (overall and age group), best average times, and most efforts for each course. 10-year age group teams will go up against other generations for bragging rights based on age-graded times and most efforts. Be sure to check the dynamic FLRC Challenge leaderboard for changes in your individual and team standings after every run.

Register today!

This is so exciting! Thank you, Adam and everyone else who has helped to organize this!!!

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