FLRC indoor track meet on Sunday, February 23rd

Tired of cold, wet, winter running? We’re looking forward to welcoming runners of all ages and abilities on the warm, dry, well-lit track in Barton Hall on Sunday, February 23rd, for the second FLRC indoor track meet of 2020. Registration is free for FLRC members, $3 for students and $5 for adults if you pre-register.

Bib pickup starts at 8:00 AM, with the first event at 9:00 AM. If you can help out this meet, let me know—we need plenty of volunteers to keep these big meets moving.

We’re serious about that “all ages and abilities” thing—all of FLRC’s track meets are open to all runners. We seed races by your predicted time, so you’ll always be running with people of roughly similar pace, and we’re supportive of every runner, whether you’re in the slowest heat or the fastest, whether you’re winning your heat or coming at the end. And by “we,” I mean the meet as a whole: volunteers, runners, coaches, and spectators alike.

Register now , or get more info! Pre-registration is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to make the meet run smoothly and is open until 6 PM on Saturday night. Events will be seeded before the meet, so anyone registering the day of the meet will pay double or triple and may end up in a weird heat. Also, if you pre-register, we’ll have rolling bib pickup, so you don’t have to show up first thing to get your bib number.

February’s events will be run in this order (heat and time estimates from last year will be updated on the FLRC site and via email the night before the meet):

  • 5000m (2 heats, 30 minutes per heat)
  • 800m (~8 heats, 6 minutes per heat)
  • 60m (~17 heats, 3 minutes per heat)
  • 400m (~15 heats, 4 minutes per heat)
  • 4x400m relay (sign up on a relay card at the meet — 10 minutes per heat, unknown number of heats)

Our third and final indoor track meet of the winter will be March 29th; it’s a bit late, we know, but was the only date we could get Barton Hall. I’ve attached a PDF flyer; if there’s a YMCA bulletin board or school locker room where it would be appropriate to post, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Any questions, just ask!

Winter-Track-with-FLRC-2020.pdf (105.2 KB)

Just a reminder that pre-registration closes on Saturday night at 6 PM, so please sign up for the track meet before then. See you Sunday!

This is a little shocking. We have 86 runners signed up for the 5000m, which makes it larger than several of our 5K road races in the summer. As a result, we’re going to have three heats of the 5000m kicking off the meet, so if you’re not running the 5000m and want to get a bit more sleep, go ahead. Here are our estimated race start times. Remember that we run heats slow to fast.

  • 5000m (3 heats, 9:00am–10:15am)
  • 800m (6 heats, 10:15am–10:55am)
  • 60m (6+ heats, 10:55am–11:15am)
  • 400m (10+ heats, 11:15am–11:55am)
  • 4 x 400m relay (sign up on a relay card at the meet) — 10 minutes per heat, unknown number of heats.

You can download the draft seed sheets here.

See you tomorrow morning!