FLRC members have access to the IHS track starting June 1, 2023

Good day, runners!

I’ve managed to renew our agreement with Ithaca High School to allow FLRC members to run on the IHS track from 6 AM to 8 AM, starting June 1, 2023, and continuing through the end of November 2023. However, during these months, the track is unavailable on:

  • June 19, 21, 22, and 25
  • August 19–31
  • Weekend mornings from July through November

IHS hasn’t yet answered my questions about why we can’t start in May or run on weekends starting in July; I suspect staffing shortages for custodians to open the gates.

Please note that the IHS track is available only to FLRC members, so if you plan to run on it, please make sure you’re a club member. There’s no need to sign in, but if you’re asked about running on the track during those hours, reply that you’re an FLRC member using the access arranged with ICSD Athletic Director Samantha Little. (And let me know afterward.) If the gates aren’t open at 6 AM—the custodians have to become accustomed to opening them—let me know so I can pass it on.

One request. We are guests on this track, and school and team activities take precedence. If there’s a team on the track or practicing in the infield (especially lacrosse, whose errant balls are extremely dangerous), please run elsewhere that day. There shouldn’t be any early-morning conflicts, but you never know.

We hope you enjoy your morning track access!

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