FLRC roster for PGXC #4 on 11/5/23 at Canandaigua/FLCC

Hi @pgxc-flrc,

(High Noon runners look for a post later this week from Adam with the roster.)

Thanks for the great turnout and strong effort in the face of rain and mud last weekend! This message has the current FLRC roster for our 8K race at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua next Sunday, November 5. Below that is logistical info. Also, a water bottle and a black winter coat were left behind at the TC3 race, so if either could be yours, please get in touch.

U19 (Teens)

• Banyan Love
• Ben Lambert
• Rahmon Daily
(Not sure if Kate and Gretchen are coming @hulseyfamilyny)

Open (ages 20–39)

• Aderonke Ilegbusi (first time at PGXC!)
• Amalia Skilton
• Emma Maxtutis (@emaxtutis Google Sheet says yes, but RunSignUp says no.)
• Hannah Blair (@blairh still recovering or ready to race?)
• Hope Towle (@HopeT how is your ankle doing?!)
• Janet Van Zoeren
• Laurel Gilmer (@lgilmer Google sheet has ?)
• Molly Doruska
• Sarah Ridenour

Masters (ages 40–49)

• Jessica Daily
• Tanya Burnett
• Rebecca Lambert

Veterans (ages 50–59)

• Brenda Osovski
• Caitlin Loehr (@caitlin-loehr Google sheet says ?)
• Julie Barclay
• Tonya Engst

Super Veterans (ages 60-69)

• Anne Shakespeare
• Gill Haines-Sharpe
• Joanne Herneisey
• Laura Helmerick
• Lorrie Tily
• Marie Fitzsimmons
• Sandra Gregorich

(Probably A and B teams!)

Ultra Veterans (ages 70–79)

• Deb Bliss
@Nancylorr are you thinking of signing up?
• Ruth Sproul

Race Location

The race venue is the Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua (Google pin). A copy of the course map is here. The course is rolling fields and trails in classic cross-country style and there is a hill, but IMHO not as significant as the one at TC3. There is one road crossing, but otherwise no pavement.

More Details

The race is a concurrent USATF race. If you don’t know that that means, don’t worry about it. If you do know what that means and are competing, then hopefully you are all set, but if you have a question, please ask and I will try to help.

We’ll send more info about carpools and post-race lunch later this week.

See you on the run! -Tonya

You have me listed on both the Masters and Vets teams again!

Ankle is slowly getting better. Today was first time I could run without it hurting. I have been taking it very easy and hope to be set for Sunday. I will let you know as we get closer if I feel like it’s too much.

Julie, I’m glad you are on the ball with noticing. :slight_smile: -Tonya

@TB2023 - You are all set to be on the roster for this race. Sorry about my “Julie” error.

Hi Tonya,
Sadly Jamie and I won’t be running the race this weekend and I’m not sure about the last one.

Good luck!


Bummer @caitlin-loehr ! It was so good to see you and catch up! And of course awesome to have your speed on our team.

@tonya sorry, should be signed up now!

I’m confused about what to sign up for on some responses it says the race is in Rochester. Is that just a glitch?

Nancy, to sign up, go to this link: 2023 PGXC Race Series

The screenshot that I’ve pasted in below shows what you should see at that link. I put a red oval on the screenshot to show you where to click. Note that this is Race 4, “Niagara Championship FLCC,” which is in Canandaigua. (Race 5 is in Rochester.)

If you can forward me your receipt once you get signed up, I can make sure you are in the system correctly. The race organizers are very flexible, so if you ended up signed up for the wrong race, I am confident that they would make it right.


Hi Tonya, my knee has been flaring up this week, so I think I better sit this one out.

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with a respiratory illness for a week and a half. I can barely run 2 miles . With regrets I’m going to pull out of Sundays race . I waited as long as I could hoping my condition would improve . I am starting to feel a little better but I’m not 100 percent and don’t think I can run 5 miles .

Good luck to everyone!

Joanne Herneisey

In case anyone is wondering, @ruth-sproul and @debbliss, Nancy does plan to run on Sunday and is signed up. It is fantastic to have a real ultravet team! And, Mike Nier sent me an email saying that the PGXC series is very happy to have you three as a team. The timers will be watching for you all.

@lgilmer - Thanks for letting me know, and I hope your knee feels better soon.

@Ithacarunner - Sorry to hear of your sickness. I’m sending you virtual chicken soup!

In case anyone is wondering, Adam and I will send the carpool/lunch post on Friday. Keep in mind that the time “falls back” to an hour earlier on Saturday night.

Thank you, I was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday so now I can’t run at all for a few days . I’m looking forward to just sleeping .

Hi @tonya , I was waiting as long as possible but the tendon issue is still giving me trouble - I’ve been doing test long walks without the pain returning and was getting optimistic, but I tried a 2-mile run yesterday and it flared up again; I’m so bummed :disappointed:. In the google sheet I changed this weekend’s to a “No” and the last one to a “?” and I’ll assess through the next week.

@blairh - Thanks for the update, and I hope you keep on healing.