FLRC women’s roster for PGXC #2 on 9/25/22

@pgxc-flrc PGXC race #2 has a new (and closer!) location from what was originally planned, so get ready to run on Sunday, September 26, at Everest Park in Auburn. Stay tuned for info about carpooling and a group stop for lunch (the menu should be an improvement over our stop after PGXC #1).

Here is the roster so far; if you want to be added or need to be removed, please get in touch (you click the Reply link/button to reply).


  • Diana Hackett? (Diana, if you come, we will have enough runners for an Open team!)
  • Janet Van Zoeren
  • Kathleen Kanaley
  • Molly Doruska
  • Sarah Ridenour

Ages 40–49 (Masters)

  • Jessica Daily
  • Julie Barclay
  • Rebecca Lambert

Ages 50–59 (Super Vets)

  • Brenda Osovski
  • Caitlyn Loehr
  • Kim Jackson ? (Kim, how is your ankle?)
  • Tonya Engst

Ages 60–69 (Super Vets)

  • Anne Shakespeare
  • Gill Haines-Sharp ? (in RunSignUp, but not on Google Sheet)
  • Lorrie Tily
  • Sandy Gregorich
  • Deb Bliss (running down)
  • Ruth Sproul (running down)

If we really have 6 SuperVet women coming, I’ll run someone down, since only 5 can be on the roster.

What to wear & borrowing a jersey

Wear shorts that you like to run in. We used to wear blue or black to coordinate with our jerseys, but this year, some people want to try bright colors to go with our orange/yellow suns.

You can wear an old-style FLRC jersey or a new one. If you don’t already own something you like, you can pick something out before the race. With the old and new jerseys, there is a good fit for (almost) everyone, and it is first come, first served. In a pinch, it is OK to wear anything, even if it is not a team jersey.

Carpools & when to arrive & race day logistics

Adam and I will be organizing FLRC/High Noon carpools along the lines of our pre-COVID carpooling, though people should always feel free to wear masks in cars or travel singly if that is what works for them. The main carpool will leave from Cornell’s B Lot at a time that we’ll announce later this week, so stay tuned.

The race starts at 11am, so I suggest you aim to arrive around 10am. When you arrive, you will need to pick up your number from the main race organizing table, and you can drop off your stuff and find team members at the FLRC tent. Extra jerseys will be at the tent; feel free to borrow one without me if I’m not there. Aim to get to the start line 5–10 minutes before the race so you can join the team cheer and hear any announcements from the race organizers.

Directions & maps

The race is at Everest Park, 5343 County Rte 72B, Auburn, NY 13021

Here is a Google maps pin for the park location.

There may be more than one event at the park (like a soccer game), so look for signs to our PGXC event. Last year it was past the first building.

Here is a map of the actual course.

After the race

When you finish running, stick around near the finish line to cheer for teammates. Our slower runners are crucial to scoring! If you are a slower runner, congratulations on finishing!

Do a post-race cool down with others on the team. We will have runners trying to put in a few more miles, and runners who are happy to have managed the race distance, but everyone would benefit from at least a short cooldown jog before getting back in the car.

There will be post-race refreshments, provided by the PGXC series, such as bananas, oranges, energy bars, and chips/pretzels.

A half-hour or so after all runners finish, there will be an awards ceremony for individuals in their age groups (chocolate) and teams (beer) who placed well.

In a separate post, Adam and I will let you know about a place on the drive home where we will be stopping for lunch and socializing. This is also a great way to help keep your legs loose during the drive home.

I’ve registered for the race just now - roll on Sunday!

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An update on the roster: In addition to Diana now registered for her first PGXC ever, Kim Jackson’s ankle did reasonably well at Tuesday’s cross-country workout, so she is planning to come. And Gill will be racing as well. Our teams will be fully stocked. :grinning:

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