FLRC women’s roster for PGXC #3 on 10/10/2021

Hi @pgxc-women,

Next Sunday, October 10, is our next race. It’s the Checkers team’s home meet, so it is close to Buffalo at Akron Falls State Park. Driving to this race is great excuse to stop at a winery on the way home - or to plan a weekend camping trip. Even so, FLRC tends to not send many runners, due to the distance. We may have several people who are on the fence about whether to go, so let’s talk about our plans and figure out how to best put the teams together.


Open (ages 20–39)

  • Amalia Skilton
  • Jenny Berkowitz ? (please let me know or update your row on the Google sheet roster )
  • Kathleen Kannaley
  • Louise Debefve

My current game plan is to “run down” all older runners onto the Open team to make a team—we must have at least 5 runners to make an Open team, and we may have up to 9. (Older runners can run down, but younger runners cannot run “up.”) If we did get one more 50+ woman, it’d be nice to have a vets team, since they’ve done so well this year so far; their overall standing in the series will suffer if they don’t place in this meet. Note that for individual prizes, you compete in your age group, regardless of which team you are on.

Masters (ages 40–49)

  • Patty Larkin

Veterans (ages (50–59)

  • Brenda Osovski
  • Sandy Gregorich

Gun time is 11am, so I recommend arriving a little before 10am.

The 6K race is at Akron Falls State Park. As you drive into the park, look for small PGXC or GVH signs. There is no parking lot; park along the side of the park road. The course appears to be the same as in the past. Note that the bathrooms are a ways from the pavilion, so best to visit them during your warmup.

You should be able to borrow a jersey, but wear something you like to run in, just in case. Blue or black shorts.

Soon, you’ll be able to order your own. You can get it with “Finger Lakes” on the back, or with your own name. Unfortunately, supply chain issues make it impossible to get these in time for any of our races this year, but we’ll have an online order form ready soon so you can order while you can remember your size. I’ll also order a few more general jerseys to use as loaners; it is interesting to see which sizes are most popular.

It is okay to race in gloves, arm warmers, hats, tights, etc. You can also wear your jersey over a shirt.

END OF SEASON PARTY!? Adam and I have been talking about this in light of COVID. We are going to circulate a survey soon to ask people what they would be comfortable with. If you have any ideas for an awesome indoor/outdoor venue, please let me know. Don’t let cost limit your brainstorming. We are looking at the weekend of November 13/14, which is one week after our last race.

See you on the run, Tonya

Hi Tanya,

I am not coming to the Checkers race. Looking forward to Taughannock though!


Hi Tonya,

Thank you for the update! Unfortunately I will not be racing this weekend, but will be logging many an uphill mile in preparation for the “home” meet on the 31st! I just updated the spreadsheet accordingly.

I’ll start brainstorming end-of-season venues in the meantime.

Have a great week!


Thanks for the update, Kathleen.

I overlooked @debbliss in my message earlier today. Deb is a “maybe” on our Google Sheet. I think her “maybe” depends somewhat on how she is recovering from her recent triathlon. Deb, how’s it going and what are you thinking about for Sunday?

@amalia - Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

@Jenny_Berkowitz @ldebefve @Brenda_Kirk @pattylarkin74 @Sandy - We have you five women still on the roster for Sunday. Could you please confirm to me your plans? (Sandy, I know that you are a yes). (Jenny, my Adam hasn’t heard from your Adam, so we are guessing that neither of you are coming…)

If all five of you are coming, then I will run you all down to open, since that is the best option for our team’s end-of-season overall score. If, however, we will have only four, then any open runners will run as individuals, but we can still make a masters team if Patti is definite.

(We need five runners to make an open team, but only three for masters. You can run down to a younger age group, but not up to an older.)

I will be there!

I plan on running.

I’ll be there!

I emailed Jenny directly to find out what she’s thinking, since it matters for how I create our FLRC team. BTW, I myself won’t be coming. Due my recent surgery, it is a longer drive than I should do for a non-essential reason. Adam will fill in for any needed captain duties, but with Sandy having run so many of these and everyone else having run at least a few races, I think you’ll be fine and look out for each other. And, I will look forward to hearing how it went.

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Jenny won’t be coming, so we will have a masters team of @pattylarkin74 , @Brenda_Kirk , and @Sandy. @ldebefve will compete as an individual open runner. I hope you have wonderful weather and a good time. Send me pictures, if you get any! :slight_smile: -Tonya