FLRC women's roster for PGXC #5 (FLCC, Canandaigua)

@pgxc-women It’s time for the final race of the season! It’s a fine 8K course, with fields and woods, flats and hills (see map). The temperature should warm up into the low 50s by noon, so after the race, the PGXC organizers plan to provide pizza outside and have an outdoor final awards ceremony.

Getting There

Jean-Luc recently posted about carpooling, so if you are vaccinated, check that out. The race is at Finger Lakes Community College, which is near Canandaigua. I want to send you a Google map pin for the parking lot at the end of Laker Lane, but Google Maps is not cooperating, so I will send that in another post. Race starts at 11am, so I recommend arriving around 10am.

Here’s how our roster is shaping up:


Does anyone know if @bellaburda is planning to come!?

  • Amalia Skilton
  • Amanda Locket
  • Jenny Berkowitz ? @Jenny_Berkowitz ?
  • Kathleen Kanaley
  • Louise Debefve
  • Molly Doruska
  • Sarah Codd
  • Sarah Ridenour


  • Julie Barclay
  • Michelle Woods ?
  • Patty Larkin


  • Brenda Osovski
  • Caitlin Loehr
  • Julie Randall ? @JULIERANDALL - text me your plan, please
  • Sandy Gregorich
  • Kim Jackson

Super Vets

Sandy said that maybe @nkleinrock is coming. If that happens, I will move her down to where she can be most helpful.There are a few possibilities!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there. :slight_smile: -Tonya

I’m going to opt out. I’m going to enjoy a long jaunt on trails today, so I’d be slow on Sunday. Have fun, all!

@tonya Looks like I’ll be able to make it tomorrow. See you there!

That’s good news! Thanks for letting me know so I can keep the roster optimized.