FLRC XC jerseys now available to order - closes at end of month

@pgxc-women You can now order your very own FLRC jersey! You can wear it to races during the 2022 season, as well as to any other racing or running events you like. Or wear it as jammies or casually whenever. You can optionally customize it with your own last name across the back shoulders. Another feature is that the logo is printed in such a way that there is no plastic decal or rough spot on the fabric.

We’ll always have our usual batch of jerseys available to borrow, but if you’d like to have your own, now you can.

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To ya,
Any chance of getting a youth size? Or would a men’s XS compare to a youth large? This would be a great Christmas gift for Ryan. Thanks

@kristina.harrisonsav I believe there should be no problem getting youth sizes from XS to L since the jerseys are based on these blanks, which show youth sizes too.


We’ve never seen them, however, so we don’t know what to recommend in terms of any particular size. It’s possible Champion has measurements online—poke around and see what you can find.

Hi Tonya,

I am interested in a men’s extra small jersey, but High Noon not FLRC. So do I talk to you or to Adam regarding that?

Yes, @Sandy, I’ll do a separate order of High Noon jerseys at some point soon. With those, I’m dealing with the money personally since it’s not FLRC club business, so we can’t combine them in any way.

Perfect. Let me know when you do one!

Hey @pgxc-women, if you want your own FLRC jersey for the next cross-country season, or just so you look snazzy in other local races, ordering remains open through the end of November.

I’ve also added the youth sizes for kids. We don’t have any personal experience with the youth sizes so we can’t offer advice on what might be best for different body types.