FLRC's 2022 Accomplishments

Many people think of FLRC only as putting on races (and we do!), but the club does much more than that. Here are a few stats to give you a sense of the breadth and depth of FLRC’s accomplishments in 2022. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who made all this happen!

  • Races: Despite COVID-19 restrictions early in 2022, we were still able to put on 17 of our 22 regular races, including:

    • 8 trail races with 768 total finishers
    • 9 road races with 1,743 finishers
    • 3 track meets with 175 finishers
  • Group runs: We organized numerous group runs, workouts, and team events with over 1,000 participations for the year, including:

    • 17 FLRC Challenge group runs with 313 participations
    • 17 Saturday group runs with 194 participations
    • 4 Sunday Skunkday runs with 90 participations
    • 9 weeks of MITHACAL MILERS cross-country workouts with 148 participations
    • 4 weeks of MITHACAL MILERS indoor track workouts with 162 participations
    • 5 pub runs with 43 participations
    • 135 attendees at the FLRC Annual Picnic in August
    • Coordinated FLRC and High Noon teams in the five-race PGXC series, with 65 runners and 182 race participations for the season, with pre- and post-season gatherings of roughly 40 people for each
    • Hosted the fourth PGXC race at TC3 for 236 runners from around the state
    • Held the Backstretch Bingo online game during December, generating oodles of amusing photos on the forum
    • Held a late-February snowshoe clinic to introduce runners to the sport
  • Donations: We donated or helped coordinate nearly $25,000 in charitable donations, including:

    • $8,971 for the Friends of Hammond Hill trail work (acted as fiscal sponsor)
    • $5,895 for Loaves & Fishes (through Turkey Trot donations)
    • $2,000 to Girls on the Run programs at BJM and Moravia Elementary Schools
    • $2,000 for the Ithaca Youth Bureau track and cross-country programs
    • $2,000 in scholarships for two graduating high school seniors
    • $1,800 for Wilderness Search and Rescue (for helping at our trail races)
    • $1,000 for the Finger Lakes Trail Conference (Finger Lakes Trail maintainers)
    • $800 for the Cornell Botanic Gardens (in relation to the FLRC Challenge)
  • Fundraising: Although most of our donations are funded through race registrations, we also raised some money directly, including:

  • FLRC Challenge: In its second year, the FLRC Challenge once again gave numerous local runners structure to four months of spring and summer running. Some stats from the leaderboard:

    • 160 signups, with 144 people completing at least one course
    • 110 completions, up from 87 last year
    • 8 completions of the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge
    • 3,028 total runs logged
    • 15,000 miles covered
    • 630 run report “star posts” from participants sharing with the community
    • $1,592 awarded across 204 prizes to 44 athletes
  • Online presence: As much as we’re all about interacting in person, an online presence is essential in today’s world. Accomplishments include:

    • Grew the FLRC Forum to 982 members, up over 100 from last year
    • Racked up more than 367,000 page views on the forum
    • Increased the size of our photo library by 25 albums and 6,448 photos
  • Club governance: With hard work behind the scenes, we:

    • Rebuilt club membership from 530 to a record 656 at the end of 2022 (and it’s now blown past that to a new all-time high of 724!)
    • Passed a significant bylaws revision to meet nonprofit best practices and New York State legal requirements
    • Managed over $100,000 in investments, which help fund FLRC’s philanthropic efforts from investment profits
    • Brought in six new board members to replace departing members and fill gaps in the board’s skills, experiences, and demographics

Here’s looking forward to 2023!


Thanks @adamengst for compiling these stats, no simple task! It’s pretty cool to review some basic numbers reflecting on the work -and community impact- of the club.

Ditto what Charlie said, Adam, and big thanks to both of you for all your work on the Hartshorne Mile- another great success.

Amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered countless hours to make that all happen. What a spectacular year!

Wow! What a wonderful club to be involved in. Thank you for your leadership.