Forest Frolic is SATURDAY morning! Volunteers needed and room for more runners

But don’t worry, you can still sign up!

In fact, you should sign up right now. Register for Saturday’s Forest Frolic 7K and 15K trail races in Kennedy State Forest in Virgil. Please register before 6 PM on Friday night to make things easier on our volunteers, especially race directors @tpdady and @me.runalot. And if you can drive, there are a couple of people who’d like to carpool—sign up right away and post here too.

If you prefer to volunteer, please sign up now for a Volunteer Opportunity.

Time to Frolic on some beautiful trails. Enjoy the time outdoors!

HI Jeney! Thanks for all the information. Do you know if there will be any water stops on course and if so, where? Since it will be very warm, I want to carry enough water with me. Thanks.

Hi Jennifer! The CalTopo map indicates there are two water stops for the 15K and one water stop for the 7K - look for the “W” on the map. This can also be accessed from the race website.

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Count me in for the sweep if no one else comes for it.

@tpdady @me.runalot - FYI, here in the Announcements thread, @vinny-cappadora said that he can help with sweep if you still need a volunteer.

Perfect, thanks!

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@me.runalot and @tpdady, just a heads-up:

Jon Marks and Scotie Jacobs have signed up for sweeps in Helper Helper, so we’re good there, @vinny-cappadora, but thank you! And two sweeps is great for Frolic, since they can go in opposite directions on the first loop and then continue together if that makes sense.

And Makoto Endo has now signed up to course marshal at the rock pile, which is great.

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