Friday Unite inaugural group run on Friday, May 3 at 5 PM at Pallas Fitness

Looking for a way to close down your work week with a run instead of happy hour? Come to Friday Unite, FLRC’s latest weekly group run, on Friday, May 3, organized in conjunction with The Phoenix at Pallas Fitness.

Everyone is welcome to this free activity, regardless of age, ability, pace, or anything else. The only requirement is that all participants must sign the FLRC Training Programs waiver once for 2024.

At 5:00 PM, we’ll gather at Pallas Fitness (which has plenty of parking and bathrooms) at 241 Cherry Street (the block behind Wegmans), explain the Run For Your Life initiative, do introductions, split up into rough pace groups, and aim to start running at 5:15 PM. For this week’s route, we’ll take the new footbridge across the inlet to the Cass Park trails and then run out the Black Diamond Trail. The goal is to run (or walk) out for 20 minutes, turn around, and run back for 20 minutes, but you’re welcome to turn sooner or go longer.

Although these Friday Unite group runs are regular FLRC group runs to which everyone is invited, they’re organized by the club’s new Run For Your Life team and The Phoenix to provide a sober space for those in recovery from substance addiction. The Phoenix events require 48 hours of continuous sobriety before the event. If you’re interested in hosting a Friday Unite run, participating in the Run For Your Life team, or learning more about the Run For Your Life initiative, contact Kris Haines-Sharp.

Special thanks to Donna Atkinson of The Phoenix for providing a space and to Kris Haines-Sharp and Will Fox of FLRC for bringing Friday Unite to fruition!


I’ll be out of town this friday but I’m looking forward to joining in weeks to come!