Future 100k ultra FLRC Challenge efforts

Is anyone out there thinking about doing an Ultra on the Challenge course this year? I would love to give it a shot but not sure my fitness is there this year. It has been a year since I ran an ultra distance. And this year the logistics are harder than ever. Plus I am in the Elmira area making driving time even harder. But, it would be interesting to team up with a logistics minded person to take this on.

Hey @Kyle_Reynolds, for some reason I never saw your post until now. You should totally go for the 100k. For someone like you who has ultramarathon experience, 24 hours is a generous time limit, even with all the driving time. You can save some elapsed time by starting and ending on the courses farthest from Ithaca and saying and drinking in the car between courses. Let me know if you’re thinking about it and I’m happy to give you tips or advice re logistics. I could potentially run some of it with you, depending on the day and time.

Hey. Thanks for responding to this. Unfortunately I battled injuries all year and have not been able to do much running at all. I completed the challenge by mostly hiking the courses. I hopefully will get my foot issue sorted out soon and be able to slowly build back up and hopefully make an ultra attempt in 2024.

I look forward to seeing your future 100k finish, Kyle! I’m probably not the pacer you’d want, but I’m a good crew person and would love to help if I can!

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