Gently used running shoe donation program

Hi fellow FLRC members! Jami Landry and I are veterinarians, and in addition to our regular jobs we run a non-profit organization called FARVets. We lead trips abroad to do veterinary clinics in developing countries, in small communities. For a while, we were hoping to also bring gently used running shoes to provide to people in the needy communities we visit abroad. We are now going to start our shoe donation program! Of course we would encourage and foster the use of them for running, but many people are simply in need of any type of shoes for everyday use. Our first donation will be during our trip to Sierra Leone in March.

We spoke with Ian Golden about shoe donations as well. He graciously offered some shoe donations, but he already committed to a local elementary school to have a bin in his store for shoe donations for a different program. Instead, Jami and I are contacting FLRC members about shoe donations, and then take a day to drive or run to people’s houses to collect the shoes. This would occur in February or early March. Alternatively, you could drop the shoes off at my house. There is a bin near the end of the driveway where we have packages delivered, and will have a bin there for shoes as well. If you have gently used shoes you would like to donate, please contact me at or and I can give you my address or arrange a time to pick up your shoes. Upon our return from our trips, we’ll post pics and notes about the shoe donations! Thanks, Paul and Jami

And feel free to check out our FARVets Facebook page, and also our website