Get discounted Dion running snowshoes in the FLRC group order

Snow is finally here, and if you’ve been wanting your own pair of running snowshoes, FLRC has negotiated a discount with Dion, the favorite brand of our Super Frosty Loomis snowshoe race directors. We needed a minimum of 12 for the order, and since enough people have expressed interest, you can now place your order on Webscorer:

The order form will remain open until Saturday at 11:59 PM so I can place the overall order with Dion on Sunday. Taxes and shipping and FLRC’s fees are all built into the costs—FLRC makes no money on this order. The discount works out to about 18%.

Your choices are:

  • 121 frame, with Secure-Fit binding and Ice Cleat: $208
  • 121 frame, with Quick-Fit binding and Ice Cleat: $231
  • 120 frame, with Secure-Fit binding and Ice Cleat: $226
  • 120 frame, with Quick-Fit binding and Ice Cleat: $248

Which should you choose? You can read about everything on the Dion site, but here are our recommendations:

  • Frame: Most people should get the 121 frame. The 120 frame is more expensive and slightly lighter, at 23.5 ounces, compared to 25 ounces for the 121. It’s probably not quite as durable and is thus most appropriate for light women and serious snowshoe racers who want to cut a little weight. (Dion’s other frames aren’t for running.)

  • Binding: This is completely up to you. The Quick-Fit binding uses velcro and is easier to put on and take off. But it’s more expensive than the Secure-Fit binding, and the velcro may not stay fastened as well in all snow conditions. If you choose one and don’t like it, you can always buy the other later—all Dion snowshoe parts are replaceable. (The Easy-Fit binding isn’t appropriate for running.)

  • Binding size: Most people should get the Regular size. If you have very small feet and wear women’s size 6 or smaller, you should get the Small binding, which is only available in Quick-Fit. If have very large feet and wear men’s size 13 or larger, or you want to run in boots (which we don’t recommend), you can get the Large binding in either Quick-Fit or Secure-Fit.

  • Cleat: We’re defaulting everyone to the stainless steel Ice Cleat because we strongly recommend that over Dion’s aluminum regular or deep cleats, which are more expensive and less durable.

We don’t yet know how long it will take to receive the group order (I’ll post more when I do), but if it’s not in time for the Super Frosty Loomis race, note that we’ll have inexpensive rentals there too. Once we receive the group order, we’ll set up a distribution event and make it possible for people who order to pick up their snowshoes individually.

Any questions?

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I have been deliberating about getting snowshoes for years now and started deliberating even more when the initial post came out @adamengst. This is a great deal so I’ve decided to take the plunge. I look forward to taking them onto the trails once they do arrive and just wandering for awhile to get a feel for them. Thank you for setting this up!

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Thanks for putting this order together, @adamengst! I was looking on the Dion page and in some places it says the regular binding fit up to size 11 and other places fit up to size 12. I wear a size 12 running shoe so would be right on the upper bound. I was wondering if anyone had experience with fitting larger shoes in the bindings? I went to the snowshoe clinic last year, but can’t remember if I tried on the Dion snowshoes. Thanks!

@Dave_K wrote this to me when we were discussing things:

I’m a size 12 running shoe and had been using the regular quick-fit until I finally wore it out. I ordered a new secure-fit large binding thinking that is what I’d need, and I feel it’s too large. I had to swap smaller straps off my old binding to make it work. I would not recommend Large binding to anyone unless they’re maybe a size 14 men or larger.

So I think you’re fine with the Regular. For what it’s worth, I wear a size 11.5, and the Regular works fine for me (we have a Secure-Fit pair; I’m going to order Quick-Fit for our second pair).

On the other end of the spectrum, Jenny Selig couldn’t wear the Regular bindings at last year’s Super Frosty Loomis because her feet were too small at size 5.5.

Thanks! I will go with the regular then.

Looks like the quick-fit are a bit lighter than secure-fit, if that’s what folks are counting (and if the website is accurate). But the difference between the lightest and heaviest is minimal - 1.8 oz for the pair. For reference, a pair of Darn Tough wool socks comes in at a hair over 3 oz. And yes, I did in fact just put them on the kitchen scale.

121 - 37.2 oz
120 - 35.7 oz

121 - 36.9 oz
120 - 35.4 oz

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Ah, but were the socks properly wet? And did you tell @mjhubisz that you’re weighing dirty socks on the kitchen scale? :wink:

Just heard back from the Dion folks that we should get the snowshoes about 10 days after we place the order (which I’ll be doing on Sunday). Even assuming that’s optimistic, we may have them in time for Super Frosty Loomis.

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