Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize Winners!

The six weeks of the Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt has wrapped up, and I want to thank all of the participants, whether you found one item, or all items every week. I think I speak for all participants when I say it was a great time, and it really made me be more aware on my outings. You just never knew when you might see a chicken or a wreath!

Out of the 90 entries that went into the drawing, the grand prize winners are…

Steve Ryan @sryan004
Cheryl Miller @cheryl

Steve’s humorous posts, whether solo or with a companion (human and canine), were a great contribution to the event. Cheryl lives near DC, which made it fun to see completely unique finds.


Below is a small taste of the cute, funny, and interesting entries from the hunt. I encourage you to take a glance through the threads for even more.


Congrats to all the winners here. Yesterday, I told a friend who lives in Miami about this event, and she sent me this text message today: