Headlamp Recommendation

My headlamp has reached the end of it’s useful life; the batteries are going and they aren’t replaceable. Looking for recommendations on a new light, will use it for both road and trail running. I do a lot of my running at night so I would prefer rechargeable. Don’t What does everyone use/recommend? Thanks!

I use a Petzl ACTIK, which I like, though I don’t do a ton of night running (mostly night snowshoeing when I’m healthy). It takes standard batteries but has an optional rechargeable battery pack. I stick with the batteries given my infrequent usage.

@esambo and @Dave_K might have suggestions as well, since they do a lot of night snowshoeing.

I find the Petzl’s are a great choice. I’ve used them for years and recently purchased the Petzl Actik and find it really nice at a pretty reasonable price and has replaceable AAA batteries: https://www.ems.com/petzl-actik-multi-beam-headlamp/2060242.html#start=3

If you want something even more reasonably priced but still works great, go with the Petzl Tikka: https://www.ems.com/petzl-tikka-headlamp/2060240.html#start=4

Also, EMS is having a sale right now so you might be able to reduce the cost even more.

Another vote for the Petzl Actik, which I have used for night trail runs as well as large animal veterinary emergencies! (think midnight horse colic or bad calving :slight_smile: