Help with self-timing in Webscorer

If you’re having any issues with timing in Webscorer, feel free to ask here!

I’ve also worked up a quick video tutorial that walks you through all the steps of scanning times and entering them manually (and this is now linked in the main timing instructions too).

Thanks Adam, this was very helpful!

I have two results that are showing in my Race Archive that haven’t posted to my Athlete page on the FLRC site. How do I get those results to sync up?

For the two results that aren’t appearing, just view them in the Webscorer app and tap Post Results again. That should do it. This can happen when Webscorer tries and fails to post at a point when you don’t have Internet access, so just posting again later will submit the time.

There’s more advice on other sorts of issues at How to fix mistakes in submitted times.

Thanks Adam, worked like a charm!

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