High Noon men’s roster for PGXC #4 on 11/5/2023

Good day, @pgxc-high-noon. Our fourth race is this Sunday, November 5, at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua. We’re still pondering post-race lunch suggestions between Canandaigua and Ithaca; speak up if you have any suggestions for what could be 20+ people. We’ll post that and carpool information soon.

Our roster could use some help for the older teams this race. If you don’t see your name below and are running, let me know and fill out the roster spreadsheet. And if you are listed, but your plans have changed, it’s even more important to tell me!

Open (5 to score, 9 can run)—Complete!

  • Christopher Petroff
  • Eliot Benman
  • Jason Jenks
  • Kushal Reddy
  • Mik Kern
  • Patrick Lynch (need to sign up in RunSignup)
  • Patrick Milano
  • Seth Bywater

With 8 runners, we have a solid team, though a few more speedy guys would always be welcome.

Masters (5 to score, 9 can run)—Complete!

  • Audun Dahl (?)
  • Dan Timmerman (?)
  • Dave Kania
  • Eric Sambolec (?)
  • Jay Hubisz
  • Jordan Varano (?)
  • Killian Weinberger (?)
  • Mike Stewart (?)
  • Patrick Boyle (welcome to Masters!)
  • Tristan Lambert

A lot of question marks here, but we could have a team if one more person can make it. We ran a strong second at TC3 with 2-4-10-13-14 behind Syracuse’s 1-2-5-7-8. If Dan and Audun can repeat, and we can add Jordan and Eric to the mix, we might have a chance to win if Syracuse doesn’t bring their full team.

Vets (5 to score, 9 can run)—Partial

  • Bill Thilbault
  • Jean-Luc Jannink (?)
  • Jesse Koennecke

Looking short for this race, so we need more feet on the ground. Michael Smith, Steve Jesch, Sean Nicholson, are you available?

Super Vets (3 to score, 5 can run)—Empty?

  • Alan Lockett (?)
  • Casey Carlstrom (?)
  • Jamie Loehr (?)
  • John Whitman (?)
  • Rick Cleary (?)

Nothing but question marks here! We need three to score, but if only one or two can run, they can help fill out a Vets team. No one is signed up in RunSignup for this race yet.

Ultra Vets (3 to score, 5 can run)—Partial

  • Charlie Fay
  • Carl Franck

Without Joel this week, Pete Dady and Rick Mazzeo, we’ll need one of you to make a team. Are you available to run? Worst case, the Ultra Vets can help make a Vets team.

Fwiw, I’m coming! I put a Y on the spreadsheet. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, I won’t be able to make it. -Steve

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Sorry for updating it too late, I am still recovering with my foot and can’t run tomorrow. Good luck to the team!

@pgxc-hn-vets @pgxc-hn-suvets We’re in a bit of a last-minute bind, if I’m reading the roster correctly. I had thought that Bill Thibault was available for this race, but now he’s showing as an N, which drops us to two Vets and 2 Ultra Vets, such that we can’t field a team in either category. Bill, are you available or not?

If we can get one more person who’s over 50 to run, we can field a team—either a Vets team or an Ultra Vets team (Pete Dady, can you join us?). Either one is fine, but I’d hate to miss out entirely.

No worries, @Kushal_Kumar_Reddy, we have a full team for Open regardless.

I’m in Spain.

Hi Adam,

If you’re looking for a body to run, I can pitch in. Not in great shape since I just started running again a week ago post injury, but willing to join the race for the team if needed.


Hmm! Looks like Kevin Nelson has signed up since as well (thanks, Kevin!), so we’re probably complete in terms of the team. If you’d like to hang out with us—and update us on Trent’s exploits—it would still be great to have an extra body in case someone twists an ankle or whatever and can’t finish.

I’ll be at the Vet School lot and I can drive though I’d prefer to ride with someone if that works out. I’d like to stay for awards but I can’t attend the lunch afterwards.

I’ll swing by your house around 8:10 to see if you want a ride to B Lot , Charlie