High Noon men’s roster for PGXC #4 (Taughannock) on 10/31/2021

Good day, @pgxc-men! It’s time to band together and show those posers from the big cities what we can do with a hometown race. Charlie Fay has laid out a 6K course for us at Taughannock State Park, with some loops around the grassy area by the lake before heading up toward the falls on the hard-packed gorge trail and returning (this is not a spike course).

Charlie could use a few more course marshalls (who can double as hometown cheerleaders) for the race if you have any family members who are planning to come watch anyway. If someone in your family can volunteer, reply here, message @crf1 directly, or drop him an email at crf1@cornell.edu. It would be from 10 AM to about 11:30 AM.

Here’s what I’m seeing on the roster spreadsheeet—if this doesn’t match your plans to attend or not, please update the spreadsheet and reply here.


I hear Aidan Lazzaro is a maybe, though he’s racing Ithaca modified XC on Saturday. It would be great if we could field five for this co-ed team and win as a team.

  • Banyan Love
  • Ben Lambert
  • Jack Barton
  • Oliver Lambert
  • Ryan Savage


We’re looking strong for this race, particularly if Adam Pacheck’s ribs have recovered from his trail half marathon fall and Sam Lagasse’s legs have recovered from his impressive 2:23:41 38th place finish at the Boston Marathon. Patrick Milano will be making his debut after winning the Easy as Pie 5K on Saturday. That said, given the powerful teams from Syracuse Track Club and Checkers that have won the first three races, winning the race won’t be easy.

  • Adam Berkowitz
  • Adam Pacheck
  • Alex Drazic
  • Charlie Hale
  • Dylan Hess
  • Sam Lagasse

Open B

  • Adam Schoene
  • Bill Watson
  • Matt Bishop
  • Patrick Milano
  • Pierson Geyser


Aaron Ristow will be making his debut in the series after getting in shape with the Tuesday night MITHACAL MILERS workouts. With him joining everyone else who’s run Masters so far, we could have a pretty solid team. We have the local talent to compete even better in this category, if anyone can recruit Dan Timmerman or Brian Olmstead, or if Ian Golden or Jay Hubisz or Brian Lazzaro are up for running.

  • Aaron Ristow
  • Columbia Warren
  • Damian Clemons
  • Dave Kania
  • Jason Barton
  • Scott Weeks
  • Tristan Lambert


Bob Swizdor will be helping us field a strong Vets team, which would be even stronger if we can get Sean Nicholson to join as well.

  • Adam Engst
  • Bob Swizdor
  • Jamie Loehr
  • Jean-Luc Jannink
  • Jesse Koenecke
  • Joey Randall
  • Kevin Nelson
  • Steve Shaum

Super Vets

We’re looking forward to the return of Casey Carlstrom to PGXC. If Bob Talda and John Hummel want to run (and you know you do!) and Joel Leff is healthy, we could even field two teams.

  • Alan Lockett
  • Casey Carlstrom (remember that you’ll need to register at RunSignup)
  • Carl Franck
  • Charlie Fay
  • David Ellison
  • Gary Pacheck

We don’t generally do carpooling to Taughannock since it’s so close, but if anyone needs a ride, reply here and we’ll make sure it happens. The race is at 11 AM, and we recommend arriving by 10 AM if not before. Any questions?

Good news! We’ve picked up Jason Barton for Masters and his son Jack Barton for U19, plus Adam Pacheck’s father (whose name I can never remember) for Super Vets and possibly Steve Shaum for Vets.

Hey, great to have a new Super Vet! Since we’ve got so many already, maybe we could just call Adam Pacheck’s father Adam as well?

Tempting! That would give us five Adams instead of just four for this race, but I hear that his name is actually Gary. :slight_smile:

Hey @pgxc-men, the roster continues to look pretty good for Sunday. Those of you who are maybes, or anyone whose plans have changed, please let me know about any changes here so I can adjust as necessary.

Brian, any word if Aidan’s available to help us complete the U19 team?

Charlie is out setting the course as we speak, so hopefully he can give us an update on the wetness quotient later today.

I am still not able to run without pain. I am out of town until late Saturday night but I should be able to get up on Sunday to volunteer. Jane is willing to volunteer as well.

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I’ve registered for the Vets team for Sunday.

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I’ve registered.


Looks good. I intend to run, but am out of race shape and may need to keep it slower if my calf acts up.


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I was expecting some good puddles in some areas but not the full scale ponds that I found at Taughannock today! There is a substantial portion of the course around the 3/4 mile area and bordering the lake shore that is impassable. Here is a link to the revised course. I don’t know whether Mike Nier will post this to the PGXC series site but at least the home crowd will be in the know! (The course will be well marked on race day.)

PGXC #4 Taughannock 6K rev10.29.21.pdf (7.2 MB)

Thanks for the updated map, Charlie! I’ve been juggling the team rosters after getting some more names of people who had signed up at RunSignup but not otherwise said anything. I think we we can field two strong Open teams, full Masters and Vets teams, and if Casey comes, two Super Vets teams. If we can get Aidan Lazzaro for U19, we’ll have everything but Ultra Vets.

I just signed up, and it told me MM-HighNoon-A was full so I’m on B.

I think that’s just because Colleen hasn’t yet moved everyone around after the last race, when we ran everyone on Masters that we could. There will be seven Masters runners, so everyone will be on Masters A in the end.

We have to submit rosters to Colleen this year because RunSignup changed something such that we can’t manage the actual setup there ourselves. A little frustrating, but they’ve been very good about making changes even day-of if necessary.

In case it matters for how you arrange the teams, I’m going to be running, but probably not fast. I’m getting over a cold (no worries: I’ve been tested), and I haven’t had good training for the last two weeks because of travel. Looking forward to the home race!!

Thanks, Jean-Luc, but for this race, we have an embarrassment of riches with enough runners in every age group. So you can just jog along with the Vets.

Hi Adam,
I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I thought I should give you a heads up that while running today I pulled my hamstring.I was able to finish my run and I’m able to walk around but it tender so I am going to see how I feel once I get out there in the morning and warm up.

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My “recovery” didn’t go in the direction it was supposed to. I’m going to skip the race. Do you still need Marshalls?