High Noon men’s roster for PGXC #5 on 11/12/2023

Good day, @pgxc-high-noon. Our fifth and final race is this Sunday, November 5, at Center Park in Fairport. Carpool info will be coming next.

Because this is the championship race, you can run for the team only if you’ve run at least one other race this year. And remember, if we don’t field a team for this race, that age group doesn’t place at all for the season.

If you don’t see your name below and are running, let me know and fill out the roster spreadsheet. And if you are listed, but your plans have changed, it’s even more important to tell me!

Open (5 to score, 9 can run)—Complete!

  • Christopher Petroff
  • Eliot Benman
  • Jason Jenks
  • Kushal Reddy
  • Mik Kern
  • Patrick Milano
  • Seth Bywater

With 7 runners, we have a solid team, though a few more speedy guys would always be welcome.

Masters (5 to score, 9 can run)—Complete!

  • Audun Dahl
  • Damian Clemons
  • Dan Timmerman (?)
  • Dave Kania
  • Jay Hubisz
  • Jordan Varano (?)
  • Patrick Boyle
  • Peter Frazier
  • Tristan Lambert

A few question marks here, but with Dan and Jordan, we could make a serious run for a podium spot.

Vets (5 to score, 9 can run)—Partial

Allan Filipowicz
Bill Thilbault
Jean-Luc Jannink (?)
Jesse Koennecke
Michael Smith (?)
Steve Jesch(?)

We’ll need at least one question mark and Bob Walters or Casey Carlstrom from Super Vets to field a team here.

Super Vets (3 to score, 5 can run)—Empty?

  • Bob Walters
  • Casey Carlstrom (?)
  • John Whitman (?)
  • Rick Cleary (?)

I’m almost certainly running Bob down to Vets unless we can field three Super Vets.

Ultra Vets (3 to score, 5 can run)—Complete

  • Charlie Fay
  • Carl Franck
  • Joel Leff

All set here!

I got FOMO, so signed up haha. See you on Sunday!

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I’m a commitment phone so I only say yes at the last minute… I’m coming

Glad to hear it, Jon! I’m not seeing you in RunSignup yet, so make sure to sign up there too.