How to fix mistakes in submitted times

Although 99.9% of manually submitted FLRC Challenge times have been done correctly, there have been a handful of accidental mistakes. Don’t be embarrassed if it happens to you—it’s all too easy to tap something wrong without realizing. Here what can happen, and how to fix it. Did you:

  • Choose the wrong course? Did you run the East Hill Rec Way but accidentally tap South Hill Rec Way when specifying which course you were running? No worries. Just enter the time again for the correct course and send me email with the detail about the spurious time so I can delete it from Webscorer (and thus the leaderboard).

  • Make a data entry error? Let’s say you ran Cornell Botanic Gardens in 23:20, but when you were entering the time, you accidentally entered it as 13:20, catapulting you into second place overall. Oops! The solution here is just to edit the time again, which the Webscorer app makes easy. Just follow these steps to fix the time:

    1. From the Webscorer app’s Home screen, tap Race Archive.
    2. Tap My Results.
    3. In the results list, find and tap the one with the spurious time.
    4. Tap View/Edit My Results.
    5. Tap Edit My Own Results.
    6. Tap Edit Splits.
    7. Enter the correct time, tapping numbers into each spot in the time.
    8. Tap Done in the upper-right corner.
    9. Tap Self-Time in the upper-left corner to post the edited result.

As always, if you have any questions, just drop me a note or ask here on the forum.