Week #17 Recap

It was another great week in the FLRC Challenge, with our total distance exceeding 8200 miles and the South Hill Rec Way course nudging past 1000 miles. A lot of those miles have come from Mickie Sanders-Jauquet, who has been hammering both South Hill Rec Way and Tortoise & Hare, with 14 runs on each, and the Waterfront Trail, with 20 runs. She’s now moved into second place in Most Miles behind Heather Cobb, with Gabrielle Woo taking over third place. That’s dedication!

Next week, you might start seeing notifications on your athlete page (click your name anywhere in the leaderboard) if you’ve accidentally submitted a time that gives you an age grade over 100%. Steve Desmond added those and an Invalid Results page to help identify the mistakes that occasionally confuse the standings. Fixing mistakes is easy!

After a bit of a lull in signups, the Challenge has picked up some new registrations, bringing us to 168 signups total. And a number of people recorded their first Challenge effort this week, including Steph Bailey, Ashleigh Zimmerman, Gary McCheyne, Kim Jackson, and Brittany Cronk.

This week’s sad trombone sound goes out to Kristina Harrison-Savage, who has completed seven courses but broke her foot in a freak trampoline accident last week. Folks, never turn your back on a trampoline—they’re dangerous creatures! Here’s wishing Kristina a speedy recovery so she can finish off her remaining courses before the end of the year.

Finally, it’s lovely to see so many people coming to FLRC group runs. Mickie’s “Nod to Twilight” group run on the FLRC Challenge Waterfront Trail course drew 17 people on Wednesday night (look for Margaret Frank’s blistering 5K time once she gets around to posting it). And you won’t want to miss the Juneteenth group run tomorrow organized by Heather Cobb and Jullien Flynn, with drinks and dinner at the Black-owned restaurant MIX afterward.

That’s all I have time for this week, so until next Friday, keep challenging yourself!

Love to see the ladies dominating the top 3 in most miles! :muscle:

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