How to Report Trail Conditions on the Finger Lakes Trail

Reporting Trail Conditions

You found a trail issue. Now what?

4 easy steps and what to include in your report.

Our FLTC volunteer trail maintainers don’t visit the trail every day, but that doesn’t mean hikers don’t run into issues. We depend on our hikers like you to notice and report trail conditions that need to be corrected. It could be a safety issue or just an inconvenience–either way, we want to know so we can fix it!

Reporting trail conditions is very easy. Simply email us at and include the following information:

  • Town, County, public land name (State Forest, etc.)
  • FLTC map number(s) – You can find map numbers on the Interactive Map; zoom into the problem area and click on the nearest FLT sign icon.
  • Access points, distance from road crossings, trail mileage, or GPS coordinates
  • Direction of travel if important in observing the problem (such as blazing).
  • Give your best estimate of what is needed to correct the problem; we hate to send a crew with chainsaws only to find a small tree that could have been handled by one person with a handsaw.

That’s it! Once we receive your report, we’ll send a crew out to address and resolve the issue ASAP.

Don’t have email? Call the FLT Service Center in Mount Morris at (585) 658-9320. During times when the office is not open, please leave a voice message with a daytime phone number where we can reach you for more information.

To check out our How to Report Trail Conditions guide box, head over to our Trail Conditions Notices webpage and select the menu item below:

This menu will open up an info box with the trail report details and process we described above. If you have any questions about this process, please email

We encourage all hikers to report trail conditions whenever they see something out of place or unsafe on a trail. Things to report could include fallen trees, especially muddy areas, damaged or ‘out’ bridges, trail blazes in need of painting, other trail maintenance needs, etc.

Since our volunteer trail maintainers don’t visit the trail each day, we depend on our hikers to help notice and report trail conditions that need to be corrected. When you take the time to report trail conditions, you’re making a great contribution to the FLT–we appreciate you!!

Thank you to everyone who helps us monitor and maintain the FLT!

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