Hydration vest

Does anyone have any recommendations on a hydration vest they particularly like? I’ve never used one so I don’t know where to start, there are too many options!

Both Nathan and Ultimate Direction offer great options. It’s best to try on a couple, if you can, to see how they fit and how you can reach pockets and so forth. Some have loops to carry poles, some do not. Some brands offer female versions. There are other brands such as Solomon and others, but depends on what you’re looking for, how they fit, and what your budget is.

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One thing to consider is your hydration preferences. I prefer the single bladder. I have an Ultra Aspire vest from the running store that I really like. It has a single 2 liter bladder and the only time I have run out of water is when it was super hot and I didn’t fill it all the way. Others prefer having multiple small bottles in pockets - on the chest or at the waist. I find those a little unbalanced, but again just my preference. Some of the larger capacity vests let you carry both.
Also think about what you want to carry and how accessible you want those items on your run. Mine has lots of little pockets in the front. I have one dedicated for gels, my car key, my phone and my dogs leash (if we are out somewhere he can be off leash). I like having everything right there to grab without taking it off. It also has a very compressible pack that can hold a fleece sweater if needed. If you think your load will be minimal you might not need the extra capacity.

Thank you Julie, that is super helpful!

Thank you, fit will definitely be of importance since I’m small! And good thinking on the pockets to reach!