HyTek Meet Manager now running under VMware Fusion on an M1 MacBook Air

@Dave_K @JesseKoennecke I’ve managed to get Windows 11 ARM installed and working in the VMware Fusion virtualization package on my M1 MacBook Air. Hytek Meet Manager is installed and working, Windows sees and can print to the Canon iP110 printer, and thanks to a new USB-to-serial adapter, HyTek Meet Manager is talking to the Time Machine.

The only thing left to address is that I need a USB hub (with both USB-C and USB Type A ports) so we can plug in the Time Machine and the printer at the same time as having power to the MacBook Air. It has a much better battery than the 2016 MacBook Pro it replaces (and a working keyboard), but still, I’d like to have everything connected at once. Fingers crossed whatever I find doesn’t cause that super weird problem we had the last time we tried a hub.

This sounds promising so far.


I have several varieties of Dell docks that provide power and multiple USB-a ports. I’ll do some research to figure out which ones are USB3 vs Thunderbolt. I’ve heard rumors some may be Mac compatible but I don’t own a M1 so I can’t test with %100 confidence myself.

I’ll need one that can do both USB-C and USB Type-A because the USB-to-serial adapter I got was USB-C, and power is USB-C. Have to think about all the variables—I think the main other thing we like to plug in is a mouse.

Will dig through my big box of random cables and adapters tonight and see what I come up with

Thanks, but don’t put much effort in since I’d prefer to buy something that I know will work and I can dedicate to keeping with the rest of the gear. The USB hub I need is pretty specific.

Hi Adam, Haven’t forgotten that I need to make a working backup Time Machine to big clock cable! Very best holiday wishes to you, your family and all the FLRCarians!, Carl

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if that’s the case, I’ve got a couple connectors I need :grinning: