Ignore the "Unsanctioned Trail: Do Not Enter" signs on the Tortoise course

@Challengers, we’ve learned that the folks at New York State Parks have erected some signs on the service road that’s part of the Tortoise & Hare course. They say “Unsanctioned Trail: Do Not Enter” so we checked to see what was up.

It turns out they should be subtitled, “FLRC Challenge runners, this does NOT mean you.” I guess there were some lawsuits elsewhere in the state from people who ended up on service roads instead of the marked trails, so the signs are meant to discourage the general public from going there. But our permit explicitly allows us to use that road, and the park manager is totally cool with us doing so.

In short, no need to worry about those signs. You won’t get in trouble if you ignore them.

Thanks for bringing this up. I already ignored a few of them this morning and was going to ask about it here. I came across another runner who was new to the course and nervous about the signs.