IHS Track

Dear Friends,
Can anyone tell me if the agreement with Ithaca HS is still in force - that the track will be open each morning from 6:30-8?

I’ve been working with Ithaca High School on that and was hoping to make an announcement very soon. In short, track access from 6 AM to 8 AM will start June 1st and (with a few exception days) continue through November, but only on weekdays after July. I’m still trying to find out why it won’t be available in May or weekends after July 1st.

It is so frustrating that they’ve restricted access to the track since the reconstruction. It used to be open from dawn to dusk pretty much year round. I know lots of seniors and other walkers (not members of FLRC) who relied on the track as a level place to walk. I’ve had conversations with a couple of School Board members who are sympathetic to the argument that the track should be returned to its former level of access. The AD is the obstacle. I think with enough gentle pressure from constituents (everyone who lives in the ICSD school district paid for this track), we could get the policy changed.