Important: FLRC board election and 2022 runner survey—please vote!

Good day, runners! We hope you’ve benefited from and enjoyed the community, camaraderie, and competition of FLRC’s races, teams, group runs, workouts, and events in 2022. Now we need your help to make 2023 even better.

Our bylaws require us to hold an election late in the year for next year’s board of directors and officers. We are once again making the election part of a survey to learn more about what you think about running and FLRC and how we can improve.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey by the end of the day on December 13th. To encourage you to complete it, we’ll be selecting three respondents at random to receive free entry to all FLRC races in 2023 (except Finger Lakes 50s), a $250 value. (Drawing rules here.)

The proposed slate of new directors to serve a 3-year term is:

  • Amy Dawson: An educator in Trumansburg who also makes custom cakes for Emoticakes, Amy was one of the top runners in the FLRC Challenge and just completed the Philadelphia Marathon.
  • Scott Dawson: Scott works remotely as a user experience designer; he was third in the FLRC Challenge Most Miles competition and also just finished the Philadelphia Marathon.
  • Diana Hackett: Diana is a librarian at Cornell and joined FLRC’s cross-country team after completing the FLRC Challenge this summer.
  • Amelia Kaufman: One of the top ultramarathoners in the area, Amelia is a graphic designer who also works at the Finger Lakes Running Company helping local runners find the right shoes.
  • Bethany Schiller: Beloved by local kid runners, Bethany coaches the Ithaca Youth Bureau’s track and cross-country programs while working at Cornell and training for her own races.
  • Jeney Wierman: After a stint away from Ithaca, Jeney returned this summer for a permanent job at Cornell and to renew her acquaintance with her favorite trail runs.

If elected, they will join the following current board members, all of whom will be going into the second year of their 3-year terms:

  • Adam Engst (President): Adam times races, coaches MITHACAL MILERS workouts, captains the High Noon cross-country team, wrangles FLRC’s tech, coordinates the FLRC Challenge, directs the club’s track meets and the Hartshorne Masters Mile, and has taken over Skunk this year.
  • Charlie Fay (Treasurer): Along with the essential job of managing FLRC’s finances, Charlie designs and coordinates FLRC’s local PGXC race each season.
  • Mike Allinger: Mike serves as the Newfield Town Supervisor along with helping out on the board and FLRC’s Finance Committee.
  • Heather Cobb: Ultramarathoner Heather Cobb coordinates FLRC’s regular group runs, is a stalwart on the Communications Team, and tirelessly advocates for runners of all paces on various other board committees.
  • Tonya Engst: Tonya captains the FLRC women’s cross-country team, chairs the Communications Team, and provides a sounding board for all of Adam’s crazy ideas.
  • Ian Golden: One of the best-known figures in the local running scene, Ian is the owner of the Finger Lakes Running Company and director of races for Red Newt Racing—his experience informs many of the club’s Race Committee decisions.
  • Tim Logue: Trail runner Tim Logue is the Director of Engineering Services for the City of Ithaca and a strong supporter of building more trails in our area.

Thanks to all of them for volunteering their time and expertise, and thanks to you for being a part of our running community and filling out the survey!

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