Interested in a virtual, co-ed mile team race? - The Checkers Challenge

I got an email from Amy Fakterowitz from the Checkers PGXC cross-country team, inviting FLRC/High Noon people to race in co-ed teams of 5 for bragging rights on a mile race. It is also an (optional) $20 in support of what I think is a college cross-country running team in the Buffalo area.

Any interest? I just had an MRI to look more carefully at my bad case of sciatica and can barely walk to the kitchen, so running a mile is out of the question for me.

Amy says you can run any mile distance at any time within the race time window, but at most it may have a 1% downgrade. This could be a rare opportunity to compete in a summer race, but to do it at a time of day when it is cool and pleasant. If anyone is seriously interested in putting together a team, let me know and I’ll send you Amy’s email so you can coordinate with her. Here’s Amy’s message below. -Tonya

I reached out to Mike already about our checkers challenge and he suggested I contact you as well.

Checkers would like to challenge your clubs in the Daemen college virtual mile.( 2 of our xc runners are the coaches there)

Here is how it would work:

Your members could sign up at

The race is free but a donation Is encouraged and appreciated.

They can run the mile any time between July 9-23.

Tracks or roads allowed. No downhill greater than 1%.

We will have coed teams of 5 both open and masters (so take your top 5 fastest open times and add them together and same with masters).

Fastest team gets bragging rites until xc (hopefully) starts again.

Let us know if you are interested and let the miles begin!

Amy Fakterowitz

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