Interested in promoting diversity in running? Join FLRC’s Diversity Committee!

We’re hoping to bring some new voices, ideas, and energy to FLRC’s Diversity Committee. We are looking for anyone who is interested in equity and diversity in the sport of running, and is passionate about making running in our community more inclusive for people of all backgrounds (including race, ethnicity, gender identity, disability, etc). The committee formed about a year ago and typically meets about once every 1–2 months. Accomplishments in our first year of work have included a diversity statement on our website, first-timers documents to make our races more welcoming to newcomers, and land use acknowledgments to our race pages. We also helped plan a Juneteenth-themed pub run.

We have a couple of future initiatives already planned and approved by the committee and the board. New committee members will have the opportunity to help implement planned initiatives and bring new ideas to the table.

There is no minimum time commitment, but if you could serve on the committee for at least a year that would be preferred. Please reply to this thread, message me here on the forum, or email me at if you are interested.