Inviting FLRC ultra runner(s) to join "local" run of 50-state campaign to help end Alzheimer's

Hi, FLRC ultra trail runners!

My name is Glenn Caffery, and I am writing in hopes that I can interest one or more of you to join me in New York or a nearby state as part of a 50-state trail ultra fundracampaign iser for Alzheimer’s research – focused on finding a cure.

I am trying to recruit at least one runner in each state to join me, with particular interest in runners who are motivated to do something to stop Alzheimer’s—as I am.

Unfortunately, the runs in area states are not that close to Ithaca, but nevertheless there might be a trail runner you know who might have Alzheimer’s close to home and be interested in joining anyway.

Here are the dates for AlzRun’s run in your state and a few others nearby (all route details here):

  • New York – July 24 – Great Range w/ Yard & Big Slide – 29.2 miles**
  • New Hampshire – July 20 – Pemi Loop – 31.0 miles
  • Vermont – July 22 – Camel’s Hump to Mt. Mansfield – 29.5 miles
  • Pennsylvania – July 26 – Black Forest Trail – 42.3 miles
  • New Jersey – Sept 27 – Appalachian Trail and Highpoint loop – 33.3 miles

I know from a 2011 fundraising campaign on behalf of the same organization, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, that what matters most is engagement with people across the country. Reaching out to trail running clubs is my primary way to do that.

All you need to know about the AlzRun campaign, fifty amazing routes, motivations, and info for runners can be found here:

Interested runners can register for a run online through the RunReg link on the AlzRun website. (There is no registration fee thanks to generous underwriters.) And I encourage anyone with questions to reach out to me directly at 413.522.0047 (cell) or glenncaffery at gmail dot com.

Some runs can be run by a relay team of family or friends. These are marked on the Routes page.

Of course everyone is welcome and encouraged to follow the campaign, which will start on July 18 in Maine! I’ll be sharing an Instagram reel with video highlights of each run, cross-posting on Facebook, YouTube, and Strava for those not on Instagram.

Please follow @AlzRun on Instagram, Facebook, Strava, and YouTube.

Thanks for this opportunity to reach out to you all.

Glenn Caffery

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